Review episode 3 -Nettles-

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Review episode 3 -Nettles-

Post  SaladMakerFan on Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:06 am

Salad Fingers is playing with nettles and has irritated blisters all over his hands. He then comes across an empty baby carriage, which he calls a "nettle carrier" and then leaves with it. An armless man wearing an apron labeled "BBQ" appears and chases after Salad Fingers, screaming unintelligibly. As Salad Fingers is siting in his home the armless man stands outside Salad Fingers's house, banging his head on the door repeatedly. Eventually, Salad Fingers comes outside and finds the man bloody and unconscious (or possibly dead). He names the man "Milford Cubicle", ignoring the man's name tag reading "Harry". Salad Fingers then drags Milford inside and hangs him on a meat hook on the wall.

To watch the video:


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